Google announces a new Google Wallet app with the support of digital IDs

Google announces a new Google Wallet app with the support of digital IDs

 Google announced a new wallet named google wallet. It is a digital wallet and comes with strong google security. It almost provides a feature as compared to a regular wallet. Google Wallet will be available for Wear OS and Android devices in the coming weeks in more than 40 countries.

Google Wallet

According to them

This is a wallet and this is a google wallet they both keep hold of your credit cards loyalty cards gift cards boarding passes transit passes vaccine cards concert tickets id cards car keys well yeah I guess you could put those in a regular wallet might hurt to sit down but oh look at that google wallet lets you virtually access your car keys hmm is a regular wallet secure kinda not really maybe a chain wallet google wallet though super secure it gives you all the security features of your android phone plus it lets you control your data and encrypts all your purchases speaking of purchases once you add your card you can tap to pay everywhere google pay is accepted you can also choose to connect google wallet to other google apps making them even more helpful so it’ll know when to send you event notifications slide updates and let you see your transit card balances okay so maybe google wallet is different in a good way in many good ways.

Google Wallet Security

According to google it most secure digital wallet available soon. It provides facilities for holding credit cards, boarding passes , and plane tickets and keeps them secure. It has the feature of car keys with a single application you can perform different tasks. According to Google, it comes with android security.


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